Body Roll Machines

We are strong advocates for foam folling; we have long been convinced of the health benefits and we promote using foam rollers to recover faster and improve flexibility. There is plenty of research to back up our conviction too. This study, for example, suggests that foam folling can reduce muscle soreness (when used after a […]

How to Use The Foam Roller for Plantar Fasciitis

Introduction This post will discuss the exercises that you should utilise to assist in the management of plantar fasciitis. However, before we get into the foam roller exercises, it is important that you understand both the anatomy and the underlying process of plantar fasciitis. This will make the reasons and theory behind each exercise very clear. […]

How To Use Your Foam Roller For Knee Pain

This article will discuss how to use your foam roller to treat pain and tightnesses around your knee. However, to understand how to use the foam roller for anterior knee pain (front of knee) you will need a quick understanding of how the knee joint works! Knee Joint Anatomy As you can see the knee […]

The Science and Theory of Myofascial Release with a Foam Roller (Part 1)

Introduction Massage, in its various forms, has been practiced the world over for centuries. In fact, there are historical records for the use of massage as far back as 2000BC (Moyer et al., 2004). Paolini (2009) suggested massage has been used successfully to: Relieve stress Alleviate pain Increase fluid mobilisation Improve soft tissue mobility Decrease […]

Foam Roller Squat Progressions

Do You Even Squat? Squats are one of the most common exercises for strengthening the lower body. This is with good reason – they are incredibly effective! Electromyographic (EMG) research has shown particularly high levels of quadriceps and gluteal activation with squat exercise variations (Bourdreau et al, 2009; Distefano et al., 2009). Squats are also very […]

How To Use the Foam Roller For Shoulder Pain and Tightness

Introduction This article discusses the use of the foam roller to address the tightnesses in myofascial structures that can contribute to shoulder pain. As is usually the case, in order to appropriately explain how to best self myofascial release to reduce these tightnesses in the myofascial (muscle and connective tissue) structures you will need to […]

How To Use The Foam Roller For Your Lower Back

Introduction This article will discuss how to use the foam roller for pain and tightnesses in the lower back area. If you have tightnesses in the myofascial structures (muscles and fascia) this post will discuss the best exercises to utilise in order to mobilise these tight tissues. As is usual, before we get into the […]