How To Use The Foam Roller For Core Stability

Introduction Many people think of the foam roller as simply a tool for self massage or myofascial release. However, it is a great exercise tool with uses well beyond myofascial tightness. It is an exercise tool that can provide an unstable or mobile surface to facilitate or progress challenging core stability and strengthening exercises. These […]

Self Myofascial Release With A Foam Roller Improves Range of Motion

Introduction As I sell foam rollers on a daily basis, and also utilise them in my professional life as a physiotherapist, I am often asked – “do they really work?”. Now, years of anecdotal evidence across the health and fitness would suggest that they undoubtedly work. Professional  and olympic athletes, weekend warriors, physiotherapists, personal trainers, […]

How To Use The Foam Roller For Patellar Tendonitis

What Is Patellar Tendonitis? Patellar tendonitis, commonly referred to as “Jumper’s Knee” and also know as “patellar tendinopathy”, is a very common overuse lower limb injury. So common in fact, that some jumping sports have an incidence rate upwards of 45% (Lian et al., 2005). Worse than this, patellar tendonitis forces the retirement up to 53% […]

How To Use The Foam Roller For Greater Trochanteric Bursitis

Introduction Hip pain, particularly pain around the outside (or lateral) hip, is one of the most common injuries seen in runners (Taunton et al., 2002).  Therefore, I am sure that there are many readers that have suffered or know someone who has suffered from “greater trochanteric bursitis.” Unfortunately, the term “trochanteric bursitis”, which indicates an inflammatory […]

How To Use the Foam Roller For Shoulder Pain and Tightness

Introduction This article discusses the use of the foam roller to address the tightnesses in myofascial structures that can contribute to shoulder pain. As is usually the case, in order to appropriately explain how to best self myofascial release to reduce these tightnesses in the myofascial (muscle and connective tissue) structures you will need to […]

How To Use The Foam Roller For Shin Splints

Introduction If you run or train regularly there is a huge chance that you have encountered the dreaded curse of shin splints! Furthermore, if you are a trainer or health professional, then I am sure you have seen many clients present with this condition. There is good reason for this – it is very common […]

How To Use The Foam Roller For Tennis Elbow

Introduction Have you ever suffered tennis elbow? There is a huge chance that you or someone you know has suffered from this condition, as there is an annual prevalence of 1% to 2% in the general public (Shiri et al., 2006). Unfortunately, this is even higher in particular groups of athletes, such as in the condition’s namesake […]

How To Use The Foam Roller For Piriformis Syndrome

Introduction Back pain is an incredibly common complaint. In fact, if you go through life without experiencing back pain you are in the minority i.e. it is abnormal! However, a smaller group of people suffer “sciatic” symptoms as a component of their presentation. These symptoms may include: Buttock and Leg Pain Sensations Changes – pins […]

How To Use The Foam Roller For Thoracic Spine (Upper Back) Pain

Introduction It’s time to face the facts – our spines are not built for sitting. Whilst that may seem obvious, we should remember that for tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of years we have spent the majority of our days walking around. Only very recently, with the advent of modern technology, have we began […]

The Science and Theory of Myofascial Release with a Foam Roller (Part 1)

Introduction Massage, in its various forms, has been practiced the world over for centuries. In fact, there are historical records for the use of massage as far back as 2000BC (Moyer et al., 2004). Paolini (2009) suggested massage has been used successfully to: Relieve stress Alleviate pain Increase fluid mobilisation Improve soft tissue mobility Decrease […]